Welcome to Nonstop-Merch. We offer webshops for artists from all over the world. Each shop is specially designed for the artist and each of you can decide how the shop should be set up and look like (you also can create your Shop complete by your own. We give you the tools and show you how it works). We only take 5% commission from the monthly sale. If nothing is sold there are no costs.

Nonstop-Merch need your help. Every Euro will go Straight into Nonstop-Merch. Thanks a lot for your help.

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If you don’t know how and with what you want to fill your store besides CD’s and LP’s, we have a cooperation with Poser667 Productions Merchandise Service.

This service has a dense network of manufacturers, suppliers and cooperation partners and can make exciting offers to small bands, for high-quality and original merchandise even in small quantities.

Shirts, backpatches, patches, belt buckles, 3D metal pins, caps, scarves, bandanas and everything else the MetalHeart desires – write to him.

They also produce individual studded bracelets, jackets and (almost) everything the heavy metal leather and studded friend can dream of, according to his wishes

Visit Poser667 Productions for more information


More great artist pages are already in the works and will be released in January 2021

Artists Who already Joined Nonstop-Merch

Plattenkiste Hamburg

Black Gremlin


Gorilla Pulp